New Web Site and Social Media

newwebseitBake-A-Batch for Wings of Providence has exploded and become bigger than any of us anticipated – thank you, Edmonton! So many big hearts and generous bakers are making this heart project part of their holiday giving and we could not be happier. I chatted with Rhonda at Wings of Providence earlier today and they are over the moon with the response.

This new web site is under construction – please let me know if you find broken links, missing images, and issues. It is barely 12 hours old, so there will be hiccups but having its own web site is the most sensible evolution. There will be a regular blog post updates, and please send us photos of your baking, fun in the kitchen and family and friends who are also taking part. This is OUR project and we would love to show everyone the dozens (becoming hundreds!) of bakers in the Edmonton area making a huge difference in the lives of many women and children this Christmas.

Join us on social media!

Like our the Bake-A-Batch Facebook page 

Live Wings of Providence’s Facebook page

Join the Facebook event at

Follow @BakeABatch and @WingsofProv on Twitter and use hashtag #BakeABatch


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