The Wrap Up

Well! After 5 weeks and a flurry of emails, blog posts, Facebook updates, event notifications, baking, delivering, and selling, we are pleased to announce that

  • 304 bakers dropped off baking;
  • more than 1700 dozen baked treats were dropped off – more than we could even have imagined;
  • 9 large moving boxes of gifts were dropped off;
  • 2 high schools and 1 junior high school participated;
  • we had a full complement of volunteers who were amazing;
  • we raised $2000 at the Bake Sale Fundraiser for Wings of Providence; and
  • the baking for the Christmas party at Wings of Providence has been delivered.

Thank you everyone for being part of this incredible first year of Bake A Batch for Wings of Providence. We know that there were some bumps and glitches, from the unexpected but completely wonderful response that came fast and furious after our launch on November 5th. Next year, we have schools, bakers, and an already committed team of volunteers who are ready to make 2016’s project even better. We will get planning well in advance, and hope you will be part of it again.

Thank you on behalf of the women, children and staff at Wings of Providence!