Newsletter October 2016

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Hello, Bakers!

Bake A Batch for WINGS of Providence 2016 is underway and we have lots of news to share.


New email address  The old address will work, simply forwarded to the Gmail address. We made the change to make it easier for us to maintain lists and connections. The web site remains as and as always, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. New this year: we’ve just joined Instagram – our handle there is BakeABatch4Wings. If you haven’t yet, please join us on social media.

New Coordinator

Tracy Wilson will be the contact this year for all things Bake A Batch as Elaine Wilson has moved to BC. (Elaine will still be helping behind the scenes with the web site and social media.) Tracy’s phone number is 780-263-3868.

IMPORTANT:  Changes to the Baking Format

We are changing up how we are baking for the women and children at WINGS after discussions with Alberta Health Services. We cannot accept donations of home-baked goods for WINGS this year due to Alberta Health Services regulations – it’s a whole health and food safety issue.

We have a superhero who has volunteered to save the day! M. E. Lazerte High School’s Culinary Arts Program under Chef Andrew Hess has stepped up and is willing to be the kitchen of record for our baking. To get all the goodies baked that we need to provide WINGS, we need about 10 volunteers willing to go to M. E. Lazerte and bake on scheduled days with Andrew in the school’s kitchen. The days are yet to be determined, but each volunteer will, understandably, need to go through a security check well beforehand as they will be working on the school’s premises.

We need to get the volunteers in place as soon as possible so the schools can get started on the security checks. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at

Bakers who use AHS approved kitchens: if you would like to donate again this year, please get in touch with us at

Toy and Gift Drive

We will be doing a donation drive once again for anyone who wants to donate to WINGS of Providence. Drop off locations will include M. E. Lazerte and a school on the southside, hopefully the same one that hosted last year.  Dates and times to be announced via e-newsletter and on our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter.

Bake Sale

Due to the changes and logistics for this year, we are not going to hold a bake sale. We plan to have the bake sale fundraiser back up and running again next year, once we get the new process solid through M. E. Lazerte this year. Please stay tuned for that – we will love to have you participate next year!

Thanks for being part of Bake A Batch for WINGS of Providence!