About Bake A Batch

Bake A Batch for WINGS of Providence
We first heard about Wings of Providence when we moved back to Edmonton 24 years ago. Through St. Andrew’s Church, we learned that the shelter was in need of baking for their Christmas party. Feeling empathy with the women and children in crisis, we knew that baking was something we enjoyed, were good at, and able to do to make a difference. That one time turned into a decades-long tradition of making the shelter’s holiday party a sweet success.

Christmas can be a very emotional and often anxiety-ridden time for women and children who have recently left domestic violence.  The WINGS of Providence annual Christmas party is meant to help them create new memories, and holiday baking has been a meaningful part of that.

In 2015, the need doubled from 200 to 400 dozen, and we reached out to the community for help with the baking. Bake A Batch is not an organization or non-profit – we are simply a group of Edmonton-area volunteers who are committed to making sure that the women and children at WINGS of Providence have a sweet Christmas celebration. All donations are made to and given to WINGS of Providence.


To ensure privacy and security of the women and children at the shelter, drop-in donations are not accepted or encouraged, and all visitors to Wings must be vetted. To make donations of food, clothing, toiletries, or other items on their wish list, please contact Wings of Providence and they will provide locations and methods for drop off.


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